Friday, November 15, 2013

Here's the scoop

     Today is Friday,November 15, 2013 and the weather is getting colder. We have been working hard I  in  math. We learned divisibility rules. Divisibility is when you have to divide, subtract, Add, Multiply all  the numbers you have for  questions. We have also learned to find greatest common factor in order to  find the GCF you need to multiply the number and if the number is big you can keep breaking it down until you cabinet anymore. 
     The number of the day is 33. We take a number and find things that equil 33 and you can do math   tables to. mrs.binge 6th grade class is selling snack passes for 1.00. You can only get a snack pass if    you bring one dollar and snacks. The money they raise goes to growing strong and habitat for humanity. 
     Congratulations to the following students that made the Durfee basketball team:Tyler, Kaderius, Jacobe,Jahmel, Kamilian, and Trelyn. Their first game is Tuesday at the disc at 3:45. 
     Our next states and capitals test is wensday, November 20, 2013. I am currently studying to take the test. I am sure I will do my best. There is a song on YouTube that we have been using to help us with our states. I really like that that song.
     We have also been studying lots or vocabulary words. Each week we make flash cards, work on sentences, graphic Oranizers and made videos on our Ipads. My favorite word we've learned so far is postgraduate.    The deftinition of postgraduate is a  person who takes a class after he or she has already graduated. 
      Our holiday  program is December 12th at 12:45. The 5th graders will be singing jingle bell rock and we will jingle. 
     In reading we are reading Loser. The book is about this kid name Zinkoff and he wants to to be like his    dad and he wants to be a superhero when he growes up and he wants to be a mailman to. I like this book because it's fun to read and it's funny. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

I've gone crazy

I've gone crazy.
 Jumping off the walls.  
  Running through the halls.       
  I've gone crazy.
Throwing a football in the mall
 I've gone crazy.
  Running on a farm.
  I've gone crazy.

    I'VE GONE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Maniac Magee

Today were on our new novel we got through with our maniac Magee our first novel and I liked maniac it was a good book and the movie was to and we had to do a test on it and I think I did great on it.maniac was a nice kid and mars bar was jealous of him because he kept on hanging with amanda Beale and Mcnab hated maniac but at the end he started to like maniac and then he saved his little brother piper but Mcnab all ways messed with his brother and he put him in finsterwalds yard and maniac saved him ....

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Walkers 5th grade wonders!!!

The one thing I have enjoyed so far is function  tables. The hardest thing I've done is science . I expect to learn science in this classroom. If I where the teacher I would change the lunch time because kids  be getting hungry before lunch Even start. The most important person in my life is my mom because she took care of me all my life. The person that will make a good friend is everybody....

Here's The Scoop from room 12

Today is another hot day in room 12. It's Wednesday September 11 2013  the temperature says it's  86 right now. The hardest part about being in school when it's hot is we will sweat a lot and we will be in a hot room and we may be able to go to the computer lab because its cold in the computer lab and that's the only place that's cold in the whole school building.And this week we will be taking two district tests in Reading and Math. I think I did great on the tests and I tried my best to get an A on both tests so I will see when I get it back. And we have also been reading Maniac Magee. The best part of the book so far is when Maniac kept on hitting the baseballs from Mcnab and Mcnab is the best player on that field  and Maniac even hit the frog ball and then Mcnab got very mad at him. I really didn't like it when I get a hard paper and get d's and f's so my mom will make me do them over until I get them right. We have been working on plot character and setting while reading Maniac Magee. Plot is like the main idea of the story. Character is the person or animal in the story. Setting is where the story takes place. We will be taking Test on September 25th. I am sure I will ACE the test.....

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome To my blog

Hello my name is Michael I'm in fifth grade at Durfee technology magnet school. This year we are a class bloggers!we will be using this blog to share things going on in  our classroom stay tuned!